Once upon a time, in a world of dragons and demons, lived a very lost, and very frightened, young woman. As a child, she had been hurt horribly by the worst kind of demon—a cruel beast that hid behind the beautiful mask of a good and honest man. Though the demon had long since died, his seed of fear and pain grew daily inside her, and would soon consume and control her. Her name, oddly enough, was Belief.

During this time and in this place lived a young man who was convinced he had unlocked the secret to life. He had wrestled with the great questions of the universe, and he had won. He was triumphant and complete in his accomplishment, and the world lay before him as the universe before God. His name was Code.

This is the story of Belief and Code, and how eternity fits, very neatly, into the lifespan of a person, if he or she chooses to live.

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So, my husband (detour: I just recently got married, and I love referring to my husband as “my husband” because it makes me feel warm)….. anyways, my husband is always encouraging me to write. I LOVE writing. I’ve written since I was a child, and in high school, my creative writing teacher told me that I should try to get one of my short stories published. Well, I sent it out to one magazine and received a rejection letter. I never tried again after that. Then I went to college and became too overwhelmed with growing up and working out all the crap in my head, that my writing fell to the edges, just as my drawing did.

Now, I’m no great artist, either with writing or drawing. But I do sincerely love it. And I’m unemployed right now. (One of the latest casualities of the dot com fallout.) So, what the hell. I’m going to post my story. Any constructive criticism is very much appreciated. Wish me luck.

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testing my new journal

A friend of mine did this and it was awfully nifty. I tried reading other people’s entries, but found it somewhat boring. So I think these things are only interesting if you know the person. I may or may not get bored with this idea, but it seems like fun. We’ll see…..

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