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New Car

We bought a new car last night. Well, that’s not exactly accurate: the bank bought a new car last night and we are driving it and paying the bank back. So, yet another loan but now we have two reliable cars! We had been talking about getting a new car for awhile because the Jeep was becoming more and more unreliable. Then, as Matt drove up into the driveway last night from his commute home from work, blue smoke started to rise from the Jeep’s engine and it had been making the most horrible clanking sound for the past week. So we were going to have to drop another load of money to get it fixed again. And I just didn’t want to do that. That’s a lot of money every six to nine months to keep a car going that is not reliable or comfortable.

So, we worked out the numbers, and it costs approximately fifty dollars more each month to get a new car over what we were paying to keep the Jeep going, how much the Jeep costs in gas (the Jeep had terrible gas mileage) and the small lien we were paying off on the Jeep. So Matt drove to work in a beautiful Mazda 3 this morning. It really is a nice car. I’m a wee bit jealous, and I don’t hardly ever get jealous. It’s just such a nice car and such a nice ride. 🙂

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Happy Happy Joy Joy

I’m in a really good mood today. I was PMSing, and it is starting to break. I swear, when my period finally comes, it’s like a dam breaks and all the irratated anger and unhappiness dissipates into happiness and loving feelings. I try to warn Matt when I’m PMSing but sometimes I don’t even realize it until I’m a day or two in.

La la la…. what shall I do today in my happy state? So much promise, so much to look forward to. 🙂

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Lovely Thanksgiving Week

Well, I have had an excellent Thanksgiving week. Cody and Steven Q. came to visit for the week, so we’ve been having family dinners and family games all week. Cody and Logan spent the night once already, and Matt brought his computer home from work so the boys could play EverQuest together. They’re coming over again today to stay the night. Steven’s plane leaves today which is sad. It was nice having him here.

Thanksgiving Day was wonderful! Last Thanksgiving was a drag because the family was so splintered that nothing special happened. So this year, I phoned Deb and asked if we could have Thanksgiving with her. Then Cody and Steven came to visit. So we had Thanksgiving dinner here with the Q’s, and then drove to San Antonio to see the Pipkins. And while we were in San Antonio, we also went to visit Jim and Theresa. So lots of visiting, lots of food, lots of hanging out on Deb’s bed talking and being silly… you know, a proper Thanksgiving. 🙂

*sigh* I’m so happy. It’s been such a nice holiday week.

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Medical Bills

I just paid the last of the medical bills. That’s so exciting! This has been a crazy year for medical bills. We’ve had so many medical expenses this year that I think we’ll actually be able to deduct them from our 2005 taxes! That’s a lot of medical bills.

We still don’t have medical insurance though which is very irresponsible since we have a child. But Matt and Ray are working on it. Hopefully that will be fixed soon… very soon.

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I so so so am ready to move out of Texas. The Texans just passed an amendment to the Texas Constitution that bans gay marriages and civil unions. 76% of the Texas population voted for that bigotted amendment. The longer I live here, the more I want to leave. 72% of the people who live in my county, Williamson County, voted for the gay marriage ban. These are my neighbors, the mothers I will be meeting through my daughter, the people I live with. They’re really sweet people…. as long as you’re not gay. I feel like I’m living in f***ing Louisiana.

I really want to move.

And then there’s the heat. It was 90 degrees faranheit today. That’s insane. But oh hey, it’s not global warming. We’re all Republicans in Texas and believe in Bush and God. It’s those damn liberals who are trying to brainwash people into believing that global warming exists. We can keep polluting our environment. It’s our God-given right.

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