Lily and Daddy

Lily and Daddy in the Back Garden
May 2006

On my computer’s desktop, there is always a picture and a quote.  My current quote is the one at the bottom of this page, and I thought I would post the picture that’s been on my desktop for awhile now.  It’s one of my favorite pictures of Matt and Lily.

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Moving my Journal

Well, I’ve been wanting to host my own journal for almost a year now, and I finally set up all the files over the past two days.

It’ll be fun having a new journal.

Anyways, go to for the home of my new journal.

I’m so excited!

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I’ve been in a creative and Halloween-y mood of late, so I did a major site redesign (with the help of my amazing husband, of course.)

I’ve also been in a “fresh start” mood.  I love beginnings.  The slate is clean.  So this will be my new journal as well.  So clean, so fresh, so new.  Sometimes it feels really good to not look behind you — to just gaze ahead at the promises and possibilities. 🙂

I can tell autumn is coming.  I always get restless when autumn and spring arrive.

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The world changes…

Okay, another quote from Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth.

This quote is from the same story about Indra. The priest of the Gods was telling Indra, “I am going to write you a book on the art of love so that you and your wife will know that in the wonderful mystery of the two that are one, Brahma is radiantly present also.”

The part that has been running through my mind is “in the wonderful mystery of the two that are one.” I’ve been thinking of Matt and I. I’ve always thought of us as two people who are connected. Now I’m thinking that we are one who has been separated into two parts. It’s interesting to think that way.

When your thoughts change, the world changes. I always get a strange sensation when that happens.

(BTW, Kelsey just posted a poem in her GJ that is along the same lines.)

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New Quote

I’m listening to Bill Moyers interview with Joseph Campbell: “The Power of Myth” in my car at the moment. And I now have a new favorite quote.

“You are manifestation of the mystery of Brahma in the field of time. This is a high privilege. Appreciate it. Honor it. And deal with life as though you were what you really are.”
Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

The whole story is quite lovely, and you can read it on this webpage if you would like.

I also found this passage quite interesting:

“There are a number of services that myths serve. The basic one is opening the world to the dimension of mystery. If you lose that, you don’t have a mythology — to realize the mystery that underlies all forms.

But then there comes the cosmological aspect of myth: seeing that mystery as manifest through all things, so that the universe becomes as it were a holy picture. You are always addressed to the transcendent mystery through that.

But then there is another function, and that is the sociological one of validating and maintaining a certain society. That is the side of the thing that has taken over in our world. Ethical laws. The laws of life in this society. All of Jehovah’s pages and pages and pages of what kind of clothes to wear, how to behave to each other, and all that — you see, in terms of the values of this particular society.

But then there is a fourth function of myth, and this is the one that I think today everyone must try to relate to. That’s the pedagogical function: how to live a human lifetime under any circumstances. Myth can tell you that.”
Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

I’ve really enjoyed the series so far.

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