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24 December 2006

I’ve rebooted for the New Year.  It’s a lovely feeling… to reboot.  I have a ritual I go through every year to help me psychologically reboot.  I burn all my the files on my computer — email folder, Money file, everything — to DVD.  Then I delete delete delete.  Then I go through all the software programs on my C: drive and delete the programs that I haven’t used all year and are just taking up room and resources.  Next, I defrag.  (Sometimes, if my computer is running really slowly, I’ll just format and reinstall from scratch.)

Then my computer runs beautifully, and it’s clean of all the previous year’s clutter.  It’s shiny and fresh and ready for the New Year — ready for new projects, ready for new ideas, ready for whoever I decide to be and whatever I decide to do in the coming year.

And then I reboot.  I’m ready for new projects and new ideas.  I’m ready for the New Year.  I’m full of determination and excitement.  With each deleted file and each deleted email, it feels like I am freed from the previous year’s clutter, not just my hard drive.

The New Year rocks.  I think it’s one of my favorite holidays and not because of the party.  It’s because we get to reboot.

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The baby has dropped…

Lily and I playing on the couch
while we were taking our family Christmas photos.
17 December 2006

The baby has dropped. I woke up at 4am last night with a hot pain in my stomach. I thought I was getting sick, but then I felt the baby move down into my pelvis.  I tell you, that was a really bizarre feeling.

And then I completely freaked out because Lily was born one week after she dropped.  My mind was racing, thinking, “Oh no!  We’re going to have a baby in less than a week!”

I woke up Matt and we talked a little bit about what we had to do to prepare.  Then today, we both Googled “pregnancy baby dropping” (turns out it’s called “lightning”), and the baby can drop anywhere from hours to weeks before delivery.  So dropping doesn’t give you any indication of when the baby may come.

It still makes me really nervous though.  We’re one step closer to the baby being here.  He’s engaged and ready to come out. 🙂

Matt and I have been so blah today.  We’ve both done nothing.  I wonder what’s up.  May be lack of sleep… may be nervous about the baby… who knows.  And Lily has been asleep for hours.  Just a sleepy, lazy sort of day for the family.

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Still need to make our Christmas cards

Christmas 2005

We haven’t taken our Christmas photo for this year yet. Lily still has quite the shiner, so we’re unable to take it at the moment. Maybe we’ll be lucky like last year and serendipity will hand us a beautiful Christmas photo.  Last year’s photo was a picture that Ray took of Lily at the HotSchedules Christmas party and then Matt photoshopped it to a WebShots Christmas background.  It came out beautiful. 🙂

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Meandering post…

Lily and Sarah
17 October 2006

Well, in the end it was Lily who got most of the TLC last night from both Mommy and Daddy. Besides having a huge black-eye from falling on the hearth, she is sick.  When Matt’s co-workers asked after her, this is how he described her: you know how boxers look during interviews the day after the fight, that’s what Lily looks like right now.  So she was snuggled and coddled and held and fussed over for most of the night.

A quote I read today that I really like: “fear creates a desire to control.”  Andrea Scher was writing about how her fear of labor and delivery was making her try to control an inherently uncontrollable process.  She let go of the fear and is now along for the ride.

It’s not a quote that necessarily applies to my life right now, but it’s a quote that I like very much.  Another quote I read recently that I like very much: “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you’re right.”  I think this quote applies to my life more right now.  There are things that I want to overcome, mainly my lack of willpower where food and finances are concerned.

I’m off now to wade through the pile of receipts that Matt and I generated over the past few days while Christmas shopping.  It’s only December 5th, and we have only three gifts left to buy.  We are so on top of Christmas this year.  Of course, we still have to brave the post office to mail most of our presents.  I should probably take a book and a sack lunch with me. 😉

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TLC for the sleepy hero…

Lily found the Christmas stockings,
called them “big socks” and put them on.
They were so big though, that when she walked,
she had to slide her feet along the floor so they wouldn’t fall off.
27 November 2006

Matt needs lots of TLC tonight.  We took Lily to the emergency room last night because she fell on the fireplace hearth and cut her cheek right by her eye.  After examining the wound and running a catscan to be extra sure, the doctor said it was a superficial wound and that she would be fine.

I guess most people would be thinking, “Isn’t it Lily who needs the TLC?”  Falling onto the hearth stones did hurt her, and she received lots of cuddles and kisses and hugs right after the fall and the entire time she was at the hospital, but she’s fine now.  In fact, she was fine even before we left the hospital, chatting away and playing (which the doctor also found very encouraging).

But when we got home at 2am, I went off to bed and Matt stayed up with her because she was wide awake by this point.  They didn’t go to bed until 4am, and then Matt got up shortly after 6am to go to work.  I didn’t get up until 8am.  So he’s running on just over two hours of sleep today.

That’s why Matt needs the TLC tonight when he gets home from work.  The problem is, I’m 34-weeks pregnant and quite moody.  I have to keep my own selfish moodiness in check tonight so Matt gets the lovin’ he deserves after being such a hero last night.

This morning, Matt found a site that sells fire resistant foam to cover your hearth: We are going to order one of these, especially since we have another wiggly, hyper, bouncy little Woodings arriving soon.

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