Lily and Sarah
17 October 2006

Well, in the end it was Lily who got most of the TLC last night from both Mommy and Daddy. Besides having a huge black-eye from falling on the hearth, she is sick.  When Matt’s co-workers asked after her, this is how he described her: you know how boxers look during interviews the day after the fight, that’s what Lily looks like right now.  So she was snuggled and coddled and held and fussed over for most of the night.

A quote I read today that I really like: “fear creates a desire to control.”  Andrea Scher was writing about how her fear of labor and delivery was making her try to control an inherently uncontrollable process.  She let go of the fear and is now along for the ride.

It’s not a quote that necessarily applies to my life right now, but it’s a quote that I like very much.  Another quote I read recently that I like very much: “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you’re right.”  I think this quote applies to my life more right now.  There are things that I want to overcome, mainly my lack of willpower where food and finances are concerned.

I’m off now to wade through the pile of receipts that Matt and I generated over the past few days while Christmas shopping.  It’s only December 5th, and we have only three gifts left to buy.  We are so on top of Christmas this year.  Of course, we still have to brave the post office to mail most of our presents.  I should probably take a book and a sack lunch with me. 😉

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