Lily and I playing on the couch
while we were taking our family Christmas photos.
17 December 2006

The baby has dropped. I woke up at 4am last night with a hot pain in my stomach. I thought I was getting sick, but then I felt the baby move down into my pelvis.  I tell you, that was a really bizarre feeling.

And then I completely freaked out because Lily was born one week after she dropped.  My mind was racing, thinking, “Oh no!  We’re going to have a baby in less than a week!”

I woke up Matt and we talked a little bit about what we had to do to prepare.  Then today, we both Googled “pregnancy baby dropping” (turns out it’s called “lightning”), and the baby can drop anywhere from hours to weeks before delivery.  So dropping doesn’t give you any indication of when the baby may come.

It still makes me really nervous though.  We’re one step closer to the baby being here.  He’s engaged and ready to come out. 🙂

Matt and I have been so blah today.  We’ve both done nothing.  I wonder what’s up.  May be lack of sleep… may be nervous about the baby… who knows.  And Lily has been asleep for hours.  Just a sleepy, lazy sort of day for the family.

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