So I’ve been playing a lot of EverQuest lately. Things are uncertain for Matt and I right now because neither of us has jobs. And the house is a Mess (that would be with a capital “M”), so I checked out.

We all have ways of avoiding the real world. The easiest one to point to is drugs and alcohol. Well, my drug of choice is EverQuest.

But life keeps going along with or without you. Time goes by, bills come due, the garden and house become more and more unkempt, and your subconscious nags and nags at you until you can’t ignore it any longer.

That’s where I am now. I’ve spent about a week and a half in a virtual world, raising my head long enough each day to feed the dogs and fish and do any other unavoidable tasks. But now, a week and a half later, when I look around, things are in worse shape than they were.

But isn’t that the very nature of avoidance? It doesn’t solve anything. It doesn’t even put anything on hold because things continue forward whether you are there or not. It just makes you feel better for a very brief while until you look around and feel even worse.

But such is human nature. We all do it, some more so than others.

I have a mess to clean up now. If you’ll excuse me….

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