So, we have about one month of money left in the bank. I go back and forth between being very upset and thinking that this isn’t such a bad thing. Matt and I have very big plans, and these big plans require better money management. We’re not very good at managing our money. When you don’t have very much, you have to manage it well. :-)) Either that or pay all your bills late. I’ve been paying bills on time for several years now and have good credit. I don’t think I’ll change those habits now.

Matt had a job interview today, but we don’t think it went very well. Oh well. We’ll keep trying.

I’ve started listening to Japanese radio again. It helps to learn the language to hear it spoken. I only understand about 5% of what they say, but it’s a beginning. And it definitely helps with pronunciation. And poor Matt. He’s such a sweetie. He sits next to me on his computer while we both listen to Japanese gibberish coming out of my computer. What a great husband.

Posting my journal on the web is like dancing naked in the park at night.

I’m supposed to be working on my Great American Novel right now. I keep putting it off. I wonder if I’ll ever be a published author. Or a mom. Of course, I never thought I would be a wife and that has happened. I suppose it’s the same thing. Patience. Belief. Work.

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