Matt is playing Doom 3 and really likes it. I don’t know what sub-genre of game it is considered, but I would definitely label it “horror.” I can’t see Matt’s monitor, I can only hear his speakers, and that is scary enough for me. There is no way I would play that game. I would have nightmares.

The part that creeped me out the most was when the female disembodied voice whispers, “Follow me. They took my baby.” And then you hear the baby cry. Matt died right after that so when he loaded his saved game, I had to listen to that again. Yuch! It was so creepy. So when he died the third time and had to load the saved game again, I covered my ears so I didn’t have to hear it. Then he saved the game just after that point so we wouldn’t have to hear it again if he had to reload the game again.

Matt is thoroughly enjoying his game though. It is really well-done. Even though I wouldn’t play it, I still recognize that it is well-done, if you are into scary first-person shooters.

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