A very very very old photo from a photo booth.
That’s me and Ben in the bottom photo.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for a year and a half.

It’s been a lot of fun.

It has also been extremely time-consuming.

I tried to work my hobbies in around Warcraft, but, given that I haven’t updated this blog in a year, I can say with confidence that I failed. The hobbies were shelved while I played a very fun game.

Matt quit Warcraft about three weeks ago because there is lot of exciting things going on in real life for him and our family right now. I continued to play without him, but he would spend his evening watching Bones in the living room, while I was logged into Warcraft all night in the computer room. I waited for him to come join me again in the virtual world, but he never did. So, after being apart for three weeks, I decided to join him since he wasn’t joining me.

So I’m back in the real world. It was time. My hobbies had been shelved long enough, and Matt and I both got to play the end game content of Wrath which was very cool. Our little toons both got the “Kingslayer” title right before the Shattering (the night before, actually). We didn’t get to play the end game content of EverQuest, which we were both a little sad about, so it was nice to play some of the end game content of this MMO.

Do I miss Warcraft? Absolutely. But I missed my hobbies while I played Warcraft. Unfortunately, one must give way to the other. Maybe I’ll play Warcraft again in the future, but, for now, I’m back in the real world. And, as much as I miss playing my holy priest, it’s nice to be back.

Our camera is messed up right now, so I can’t post pictures of the kids (as I’m not taking any), so, for a little while, old archived photos will be posted with the entries.

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