Well…. it only took two years, but I’ve finally added a blog post. And you’d think there would be more photos, but I haven’t been taking very many photos lately. I didn’t post any from Christmas because you have those on your hard drive. So here are the interesting ones from this past year, all four of them. 🙂


Lily and Clara

This is what happens when you leave a seven-year-old and a four-year-old
unattended in the bath for too long.
Lily and Clara – 17 March 2012


Lily and Nan 30 October 2012

Lily and Nan
30 October 2012



Damian in the Dino Park
03 April 2013


Lily 12 April 2013

12 April 2013


I have a few more really cute ones, but they have other children in them, and I really don’t like to post pictures of other children without their parents’ permission. So this is it.

I’m going to try to write more and take more photos. I’ve been really errant in my duties as the Texas-branch of the Woodings family journalist and photographer.

Thanks for the encouragement, Sam. 🙂

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