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Matt is still sleeping. We stayed up until 2am flipping between the “Men Behaving Badly” marathon on BBCAmerica and the “Sex and the City” marathon on HBO. One show centers completely around men and their silly and funny quirks, and the other show centers completely around women and their silly and funny quirks. It was fun flipping between the two extremes.

We recently discovered The Office on BBCAmerica. Oh my gosh, that’s a funny show!! I highly recommend it.

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So I start my seasonal temp job at the IRS tomorrow. I have a throbbing headache, I’m worried, and I’m not sleepy. I left the Dell job because I think I have a job with the IRS– I hope I do.

The thing about Spherion (Dell’s temp agency) is that they lay you off when you come into work, ie. “Go home, you don’t have a job here anymore.” However, since we told them we didn’t want to stay on for the next quarter (and we still worked out the shift), we may be on their shit list and they may not give us a job again. So I don’t think we could go back to Dell.

Not that I want to– I hated Dell. But what about money?

Things are just really sucky right now.

And no one reads this, I discovered. My mom and Donna both asked “So how’s the job with Dell going?” *sigh* These are silent words whispered into the infinity of the universe.

I’m worried.