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My dear friend, Shelrie, was married to her love on Halloween on a pirate ship.
One day I will be as awesome as her.
31 October 2008

Before I begin, I must send out a heartfelt thank you to my father-in-law and brother-in-law. They both noticed that the blog was not being updated, and they phoned to make sure that myself and the family were doing fine. Simple phone calls like that are often the most treasured thing in the day.

Things have been really difficult lately. I won’t go into the details because 1) they are boring, and 2) we all deal with difficulties in our life, although the difficulties vary from person to person. All of us feel weariness, isolation, and sadness sometimes.

So, I’ve been doing what I always do when I’m overwhelmed and sad: creating lists and writing. But this time, I combined the two. I combined my love of schoolwork, office supplies, formatting, lists, and writing.

I began writing a workbook for myself. And it’s been a lot of fun. I should have wrote a life workbook for myself a long time ago. 🙂

Here is the link to the beginning of my first-ever workbook.