By: Angel | Discussion (2)

Thomas and his friend, Sarah, came over for dinner last night. And Sarah called wikipedia “wacky-pedia.” I really like that… because it is a wacky little thing.

Also, Matt and I have decided to quit surfing for online porn. We’re not big porn trollers to begin with, but every now and then we’ll see a link and think, “Hm, that sounds fun.” But every time–every time–the surfing will lead to some really sick picture. Matt retired from online porn surfing several months ago when his random surfing led him to a picture of underage porn. He said the link had no warning to it, and he was taken completely by surprise. And then his fun surfing became a mixture of disgust and sadness– two feelings that you aren’t really looking for when you are surfing for porn.

And then I joined the ranks of retired online porn surfers today when my random surfing led to a very gross picture of necrophilia. It was awful. And it started out so fun. And then you feel so disgusted and worried about the condition of the human race when you hit a picture like that. And it seems that you always hit a picture like that.

It’s a sad state of affairs when you can’t surf for pictures of consenting adults enjoying normal, healthy sex. But you have to take the good with the bad on the internet. I’ll have to get my porn the traditional way again.

Speaking of traditional ways to get porn, Thomas was making a joke about that last night. Matt was saying that our cable modem connection was really slow in this neighborhood, and we were joking about all the teenagers in the neighborhood surreptitiously downloading porn and hogging all the bandwidth. Then Thomas put on a voice like an old man and said, “You kids have it so easy. Back in my day, we had to steal porn from the corner shop or get into our dads’ stash!!”