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I finally managed it!!! As I write this, I am using mIRC to download Da Gurlz latest Power!!! manga releases!! *sob* I’m so proud of myself. I was having a hard time coming into the 21st century with fansubs and scanlations. (Of course, back in my day, we didn’t have scanlations yet.) The last I time I ordered anime, it was fansub VHS tapes. 🙂 Now look at me! Using mIRC and everything!

You’d think I was in my early twenties, not some techno-over-the-hill thirty-something. Of course, my grandma who is 76-years-old, is on Yahoo instant messenger. 🙂

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I haven’t updated this in a long time. I actually haven’t updated any of my webpages in a long time, even though I have some lovely pictures of flowering cacti to put on the garden page.

Savannah died. And it hurt so much. I had heard of people being completely devastated when their pet died, but I never really understood it. Even though I had Savannah and loved her with all my heart, I still didn’t understand how people could be so sad when their pet died– it’s just an animal, not a human, right?

But then Savannah died of cancer three weeks ago. And the world stood still. And I cried and cried and cried. I miss her all the time and want her to come home. I want to see her silly face and snuggle against her soft golden fur. And I’ll never get to do that again.

So I’ve been too sad to do anything. Just now, Matt has been watching “Showtime” and I was thinking of how common and normal it is to hear the sound of gunshots in the home because of TV shows, and that that was an unhappy thing. I was going to write about that, but first felt I had to update about Savannah. But, now having written about Savannah, the sadness is all fresh again and I want to crawl back into my dark hole.

I miss her so much.

My beautiful dog. She will live forever in my memory and in my heart.