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Damian and Lily swinging at the park
July 2011

I finally realized that I am a writer because I finally realized what a writer is. A writer is not someone who has published a book. A writer is not someone who makes their living from writing although that certainly seems like a good definition. A writer isn’t even someone who can necessarily write well.

No. A writer is someone who thrives by writing. Someone who, if they don’t write, feels a painful, unfulfilled longing pulsing from everywhere. We may write poorly. We may never be published. But we only thrive by putting our ideas, feelings, stories and thoughts to paper. Writing is how we communicate, learn and grow.

So, there it is. Finally, at the age of 43, a personal admission and acknowledgement of a part of myself that I have long belittled. “Oh, I’m not a writer. I’m not good enough. I’ve never been published. Blah blah blah.” Whatever. If I want to be happy, then I have to write.