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I don’t want to live in Texas anymore. I have lived in a semi-arid climate on the edge of a desert long enough. No more 108 degrees faranheit. No more drought. No more short, stubby trees that struggle for life without water or soil. No more brown, prickly grass.

I want rain and lush greenery. I want thick, dark soil and trees that reach up into the sky. I want flowers and rivers. I want winter.

I’m ready to move. But we can’t move yet. Matt and I are both in the middle of projects. He is very involved with his work. He’s written the software and he wants to see it become successful. And he really likes his boss and co-workers. I’ve discovered that I can get my CPA from a course they offer here at the community college. But when these projects are finished, I am so ready to move.

Did I mention I want rain and plants and cold? *sigh* I really am tired of the heat.

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Ah, a quiet moment. Silence. Matt has taken the munchkin to Fry’s to get a new DVD drive for my computer and some blank DVDs.


I’ve been having a lively discussion on one of my mailing lists, and I have been wanting to sort out my thoughts regarding the discussion for awhile. But life doesn’t allow for many breaks with a nine-month-old in the house.

Ah, quiet.

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We got back from England last night — what a loooong journey that is. And the baby was fantastic! That journey is hard on an adult, and she did very well.

I cried when we left. I hated separating Lily from Matt’s parents. We’re talking about moving to England now to be closer to Matt’s family, but that won’t happen for at least five years. It was very sad.

I’ve been up since 3:30am — jet lag. I’m catching up on email and such. Still a bit tired though. That was a really long journey.