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Matt and I at Casey’s Birthday Party.
18 February 2009

I always tease Matt that the children are a product of our lovemaking — basically that from the power of sex comes a new human. But, as I watched the children sleeping in the bed this morning and gently stroked Lily’s hair, I realized that they are actually the product of our love, from conception to adulthood.

And that’s pretty cool… the power and magic of an honest and deep love between two people. With sex, one can create a new human, but with love, one can create life.

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What is one’s body but a blank canvas
with which to explore art and self-expression?

My husband’s parents left this morning. They stayed with us for nearly three weeks. It was really sad to say goodbye. Matt said when he moved to the U.S. that, though he missed England, it wasn’t the familiarity of his homeland that made it so difficult to move away; it was being so far from his family. Now that I have come to know them and how kind and fun they are, I understand intimately the depth of his feelings. It’s really hard to say goodbye when it’s time to leave.

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Damian playing in the sprinklers.
04 March 2009

Faith (or trust or belief or whatever word you use to signify following your heart — your inner calling — but being afraid of where it might lead or what you might become, or being afraid that it will, in fact, lead nowhere and that you are, in fact, completely full of shit and all of your inner dialogue is ridiculous fantasy) is not easy. It is very very hard at times.