Damian and Lily carving jack-o-lanterns with Daddy
30 October 2011

I don’t handle stress well. I could never do Matt’s job because I do not perform under pressure. I hole up in the fetal position and weather it like a natural disaster, praying for it to pass soon.

Matt and I have been under a lot of pressure because we are carrying the burden of two mortgages at the moment. But the old house is on the market now and we actually have an offer on it. Hopefully everything will go well over the next few weeks, and this fellow will actually buy the house and we can then concentrate on the new house.

And that’s why there have been no blog entries. It’s hard to write a blog entry when you’re emotionally stuck in the fetal position. 🙂

But with a contract on the old house, things are looking up. It’ll be nice to have only one house to focus on instead of two houses in two different cities.

On a side note, my sister and her children got a new puppy, but they can’t pick him up until Christmas. So, for the next two months, Smokey (another chihuahua — Spikey’s brother, in fact) will be staying with us. He’s very cute and sweet. We just need to get through his house training and he’ll be a really great dog.

Spikey and Smokey
30 October 2011

30 October 2011

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